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Discovery Tourism

With a huge coastal and river area, Portugal has one of the European capitals that has the closest relationship built with the sea.
The ships that discovered a world so far unknown set sail from Lisbon and to this day the vestiges of this History remind use of a golden age of Portuguese Maritime Discoveries. Navigating in these waters is thus to feel the thrill of times gone by!Travel with us along the Tagus and Cascais Bay and discover the magnificent views of Lisbon with its famous hills; the Mar da Palha (Sea of straw) and its immense bay; the maritime fortifications built to defend the entrance to Barra do Tejo; the cosmopolitan beaches of Cascais bay and the palaces that decorate its coast; and much more!

Nautical programmes in Lisbon
De lisboa até à barra
Fortes da barra do tejo
Lisboa entre pontes
Por esse rio a cima
Rota do sol

De Lisboa até à barra ½ day (morning or afternoon)
Trip on a yacht by the Northern bank of the Tagus towards the Lisbon Barra. The cityscapes with their imposing monuments guarantee a magnificent view over the city of Lisbon washed by the immense blue of the Tagus, of Belém and Restelo, up to Ajuda and Alcântara.
On arriving by the Southern pillar of the Bridge it is possible to see the statue of Christ 113 metres above sea level.

Fortes da barra do Tejo (Lx – Oeiras - Lx) ½ day (morning or afternoon)
Guided tour of the maritime fortifications on the Barra do Tejo from a new point of view: sailing on the Tagus river.
Pass by the Belém Tower, São Bruno de Caxias Fort, Giribita Fort, João das Maias Fort, Bugio Tower (situated on the small reef of Cabeça Seca) and the notable fort of São Julião da Barra.

Lisboa entre pontes ½ day (morning or afternoon)
A yacht trip along the river in Lisbon between the 25th April Bridge and the Vasco da Gama Bridge, the most recent riverside area at Parque das Nações where you can see magnificent architectural masterpieces such as the Oceanarium or the Vasco da Gama Tower.
Navigating next to the southern bank of the Tagus allows you to learn about the industrial history of the area..

Por esse rio acima (Lx–Alhandra-Lx) 1 day
Trip on a RIB from Lisbon up to the picturesque city of Alhandra where, after passing the Vasco da Gama Bridge you get the sense of leaving civilization behind.
During the trip you will have the opportunity to appreciate the diversity of birds and flora on the Tagus Estuary and the typical horses and bulls in the area.
Lunch (not included) at a restaurant by the river. Return to the Lisbon dock.

Rota do sol (Lisboa-Cascais-Lisboa) 1 day
A trip on a yacht between Lisboa and Cascais Bay sailing along the coast from where you can see several monuments such as the Belém Tower and the Monument to the Discoveries and the many beaches on the way to Cascais Bay. Stop for lunch (not included) in Marina of Oeiras.

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